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Aged Bone Stylized Maori Fish hook Salmon 'Kahawai' Necklace

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Hand Carved Solid Aged Bone

The Hei Matau (Maori) Makau (Hawaiian) fish hook represents not only the land, but prosperity, abundance, good luck, and safe journey--esp over water. 

Comes standard on a fully adjustable (one size fits all) braided, tri color, camo cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting. You may choose a single color, natural or black, cord.

SIZE: 5.7cm (57mm) L x 3.0cm (30mm) W / Inches: 2.2 L x 1.2 W 
(As this item is hand crafted, please note that there may be slight variations in actual size.)

This item is suitable for those who like larger sized pieces.

For Further Information on Bone Carvings and Meanings about the Designs  Click Here


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