Maori Black Horn Carved Hei Tiki Necklace Extra Large

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Hand Carved Black Horn Maori Hei Tiki Pendant. Features New Zealand Paua eyes and is finished to the highest standard.

Comes on a one size fits all braided adjustable cord.

Size: 47-49mm W x 83-85mm L / Inches: 1.9" W x 3.3" L  (exact size will vary among hand crafted items)

For those who want a VERY LARGE statement piece.

The Tiki was believed to be the fist mortal created by the gods and was respected as the teacher of all things.
It is a symbol of fertility, clarity of thought, loyalty, great inner knowledge and strength of character. It is also regarded as a good luck charm.

Packaging includes the name of the piece and its meaning.



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