Maori Triple Koru Spiral Pacific White Pearl Necklace

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Pacific White Mother of Pearl Maori Triple Koru Spiral Necklace

NACRE is the beautiful, iridescent substance formed inside a variety of mollusks, to include the pearl oyster, from which pearls are formed--aka mother of pearl.

The Koru, inspired by the uncurling fern frond opening up bringing new life into the world, represents peace, tranquility, harmony and new beginnings.

Size: 38mm (3.8cm) diameter Inches: 1.50*

This piece is finished on both sides. NOTE: back side may have varying amounts of natural, golden amber, coloration (which is also quite attractive).

Comes on a fully adjustable (one size fits all)  cord that can be adjusted to a variety of lengths.

*For Further Information on Nacre and the meanings of the different Designs  Click Here

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