New Zealand Maori Koru Spiral Black Mother of Pearl Hand Carved Necklace

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DESIGN: Koru Spiral. Two Sided. 

MATERIAL USED: Hand carved and highly finished, beautiful, iridescent, black nacre--aka mother of pearl. 

MEANING: The Koru, spiral, inspired by the uncurling fern frond as it opens up bringing new life into the world, represents peace, tranquility, and new beginnings. 

SIZE: 2.8cm (28mm) diameter/ Inches: 1.10"

OTHER INFO: Comes on a one size fits all, hand braided, cord with sliding slip knots for adjusting. Item is presented in a hand woven, natural fiber gift pouch

NACRE is the substance found inside a variety of mollusks, to include the pearl oyster, from which pearls are formed, and thus called--Mother of Pearl

For Further Information on the various materials we use and the meanings of the different designs  Click Here

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