New Zealand Jade Maori Inspired Toki Adze Cut Out Strength Necklace

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Hand Carved Natural Nephrite Jade Toki Koru Infinity Strength Necklace Gloss Finish.

Approximate Size: 5.2 cm (52mm) (2.04" Inches ) L X 3.0cm (30mm) (1.18"Inches) W I DO NOT use plastic, resins, or composites in my carvings.

Item is presented in a gift pouch and includes information about the piece and its meaning.

  • Please anticipate variations in exact size, shape, and coloration that are consistent with hand crafted items made using natural materials.
  • Your piece may be a lighter, or darker green than one shown.
  • Upon request, I will send a picture of the one I am going to ship.

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