New Zealand Maori Double Twist Koru Scrimshaw Necklace

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Maori Solid Carved Bone Double Twist, Koru, Scrimshaw Pendant. Comes with 30 inch approximate adjustable cord.

The Twist (Pikorua) represents two new shoots arising from the ground and growing together. It represents the bonding of friendship and the coming together of two people or cultures. The Koru represents peace, tranquility, and new beginnings.

Packaging includes the name of the piece and its meaning.

Size: 5.0cm (50mm) L x 2.5cm (25mm) W.

Inches: 1.98 L x .90 W

(Size may vary slightly)

All the  Bone Carvings we sell are from Species Bovine " Domestic Beef  (Cow) Bone or Water Buffalo Horn" Sourced from a Renewable Non  Endangered Species

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