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We specialize in New Zealand, Maori, and Hawaiian/Polynesian, style carvings  made from Bone, New Zealand Paua (a highly desired species of abalone specific to New Zealand waters):  Pearl (nacre), the substance found inside a variety of mollusks from which pearls are formed - aka: Mother Of Pearl, and true Nephrite Jade aka: Greenstone/Pounamu  These are all offered at the best possible prices while maintaining the highest possible quality. All orders currently ship from our US based Distribution Center usually by the same or next business day.


Unlike other Companies that sell on the Internet who claim that 95% of their Carvings are made in New Zealand and then turn around and the majority of what they sell is in fact imported and then have the nerve to claim there better than the rest because they deliberately deceive the Customer. Here at Earthbound kiwi we know the Carvers we work with and know that there well paid for the work they do Currently 100% of the Carvings we carry have US Made content. We sell at a fair price and in turn support 100s of Jobs here in the US as well as our Carvers and their Family's  
All of the Carvings we sell are 100% Hand Carved in Genuine Organic Materials or in the Case of Jade 100% genuine Untreated Stone.
Your welcome to contact us with any questions you maybe have about are process of Carving or the Materials we use please use the Contact information below.


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Because we are usually busy producing products and shipping orders we prefer your Email. We normally respond emails within the same day (within a few hours during normal business hours)   : Contact Us