Maori Bone Antiqued Hei Matau Fish Hook Necklace

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The Hei Matau (Maori) Makau (Hawaiian) fish hook represents not only the land, but prosperity, abundance, good luck, and safe journey--esp over water. Comes on a traditional style, one size fits all, cord that can be adjusted to a variety of lengths.

SIZE: 3.6cm (36mm) L x 2.0cm (20mm) W / INCHES: 1.4" L x 1.0" W
(As this item is hand crafted, please note that there may be slight variations in actual size.)

This piece looks the same on both sides.

Packaging includes the name of the piece and its meaning.

NOTE: All bone used by us is a by-product of industries that make use of non-endagered, non-exotic species of domesticated bovine (such as domestic beef bone). Each piece of bone is unique, no two pieces will take color, antique (age), in the exact same way; please anticipate variations in coloration.  Bone pieces will take on skin oils and will change over time, becoming unique to the wearer. Antiqued, aged, pieces have been created using our own process to give the bone the aged look of mammoth ivory.

Bone is not ivory.  Ivory is dentin; more specifically, it is from the tusks of certain animals-to include the long-extinct mammoth. We DO NOT use ivory from any source and we do not use, nor do we condone, the use of any materials that are obtained from endangered, or otherwise threatened, species.

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